Monday, February 11, 2008

Write Yourself Thin?

The Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right Size by Julia Cameron. (Penguin, 2007)

Julia Cameron, guru author of The Artist's Way and other books on creativity has transformed lives for 25 years. With this book she turns her inspirational style to the artist’s battle with weight.

The Writing Diet proposes writing as a weight loss tool to metabolize life. If overeating blocks creativity and feelings, writing wakes up consciousness and returns clarity and productivity.
Her tools will work for anyone with food relationship issues.

She doesn’t mention research that shows meditation and yoga aid weight loss, but Morning Pages must achieve results for the same reasons. Slowing the mind creates better choices for the body.

Not just for writers, artists, and musicians, Ms. Cameron says many things other books have told you, but does it exceptionally well. If writing is your natural response to life or not, her sensible, clean eating plan may make more sense than most popular diets.

What can a writer learn about writing from The Writing Diet (besides how to deal with weight and food)?
Select an important topic and a great title
Write a book that is a joy to read
Make the book beautiful, not imposing or intimidating
Create interesting, easy to read short chapters
Give practical advice and don’t talk down to your reader
Illustrate points with interesting, powerful examples
Add one meaningful exercise per chapter
Write as if you were an understanding fellow traveler
Convince your reader you're a supportive friend who went from a size 16 to 10 in one year

For twenty five years Julia Cameron has taught creativity using Morning Pages, Journaling, Writer’s Dates, and Walking. The Writing Diet adds the delightful Culinary Artist Date to the list.

Amber Polo