Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sold Out Book Signing!

What a great day!
I ate much too much cake and sold all my books (about 30 copies). I really thought I had enough - both cake and books. Even people I'd given free copies to came and purchased more.
My artist friends loved that some of my book friends and neighbors bought art and jewelry. a book club group invited me to attend after they read Romancing Rebecca (that'll be my second book club appearance).
The local supermarket turned a digital photo of my cover into an edible picture for my cake.
Artists highlighted in the publicity brought food and helped entertain attendees.
It didn't hurt that the book review in the weekly arts and entertainment section was absolutely terrific.
I got more newspaper space because of the joint event with the coop gallery's artists.
It was great fun for everyone. And the little gallery was filled with people all afternoon.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Too shy to do a book signing? Have a party!

Hate booksignings? What could be worse than sitting at a table watching people walk by avoiding eye contact like you had a disease.

What about having a party? A party NOT at a bookstore.

This Saturday afternoon 2-5 I'm having a Book Launch party at a local coop art gallery in my very small town to celebrate the print release of Romancing Rebecca. I’ve invited artists that use a southwestern red rock theme in their art to join me and invite their friends. I've called the event Romance in the Red Rocks and the gallery is excited to help me put out publicity.

The gallery will take 20%, so profit from my author purchased copies sales will be better than a book store signing.

Seven great artists will help bring refreshments. My curious friends and neighbors will come to buy my book, eat cake, and enjoy an art show. They might buy art and I hope the artists and their friends will purchase my book.

Two years ago, I made a relaxation CD, Relaxation One Breathe at a Time, and held a signing party at the gallery. I might even sell more CDs.

My only worry is that with seven artists, their friends, other artists, and all the friends and neighbors who have heard I’m publishing a book and are despertly curious to come for the refreshments and to buy, the gallery will be filled to bursting. Since it's Easter weekend the little gallery should be able to hold everyone.

So far the publicity has been great. The local paper printed a WONDERFUL review in their Sedona area entertainment supplement by a well known local poet and writers’ advocate who interviewed me and loved my book.

Stay tuned for results.