Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April Fools Sex?

What’s funnier that romance? Or sex? (Please don’t tell my dh ever said that.) But let’s face it (or not) the entire situation would be laughable if our chemicals and emotions didn’t fool us into taking it so deadly serious.
Ever wondered if the universe gave us romance as an April Fool’s prank? Think about the anticipation and longing, the excitement and the letdown, the pain and the utter madness. Romance makes sane people crazy and crazy people crazier. Who even needs a special day?
Seriously, I believe comic romance in all genres will become more popular during these uncertain economic times. The dark, though exciting and a great escape, may pale in comparison to a genuine chuckle and laugh out loud fun.
So how do I control my tendency to laugh while writing romance? Not well. I tried hard in my paranormal "Romancing Rebecca" and all the subplots came out funny. Romance writers? They’re a hoot. Sedona? I love the place, but it’s a parody of the new New Age. The sex? It slipped right over into silly.
"Wired for Love?" Using Cincinnati as a backdrop I created an quirky romance based on a theoretical database that any computer savvy woman looking for love would love to have.
"Latte for Love" has a softer, silly side, when two naive young writers meet in Starbucks. Watch their writing and their love grow.
"Christmas on Wherever Island" is more emotional traditional with a touch of magic and just one slapstick sexual encounter.
So, go off and have a great April Fools Day. Read something funny!
Previously published: GottaReadReviews.