Friday, August 26, 2011

Radio Interview & Audio Adventures

Audio Adventures
I love audio almost as much as print. And I like to talk. 

Besides good book promotion, a radio interview is great practice talking about your book. And if it’s done by telephone you don’t have to dress up and go into a studio. A good interview should feel like listening in on a relaxing (and interesting) conversation. 

Recently Connie Gotsch interviewed me for her radio show Write On Four Corners on KSJE Farmington, New Mexico.  

After you get the interview what do you do?
  • Listen to at least one show to know the tone the interviewer uses – fast and peppy or laid back and casual.
  • Send the book and synopsis if you haven’t already done this to get the interview.
  • Send a few questions the interviewer might ask that might be interesting to listeners. Think talking points or frequently asked questions appropriate for the show.
  • Write out and memorize a brief synopsis (like a pitch), Be sure to include how your book can be purchased.
  • Ask how long the interview will be and what the interviewer wants to talk about and if you will be reading an excerpt.
  • Will it be live or recorded? Live means you keep going even if you make embarrassing mistakes. If it’s recorded, ask what to if you say something you want to eliminate or do over.

What I did the day of the interview –
  • Moved my desk to a quiet spot
  • Plugged in a land line. (Don’t take a chance with a cell phone connection.)
  • Poured a glass of water
  • Printed out notes in a large font and laid them to avoid paper shuffling. Copied the pages for the book excerpts I’d read aloud (as requested by the interviewer to mix into the interview.)
  • Removed clanky jewelry
  • What I forgot to do – check the time difference between New Mexico and Arizona (a state with no DST)
  • Turned off call waiting
  • Sat up straight and took a deep breath
 If you are an author writing about the southwest or living in the southwest, or both, Connie’s show may be perfect for you. Her show Write On Four Corners takes all genres, self published, traditional, and non traditional publishers. And of course no excessive cussing, gratuitous sex, or hate of any person, religion, ethnic group, sexual orientation, gender, etc. Connie is a great interviewer and makes it easy to give an interesting, relaxed interview If you think your book would be of interest to Connie’s listeners, check out her blog and email her.

For more on audio see my interview with Dana Davis  "How Authors Can Use Audio for Promotion & Publishing."

More Audio Adventures
Last week I spent time in a sound studio re-recording my relaxation CD. The new full “album” Relaxing the Writer Relaxation contains a 20 minute relaxation with tense and release instructions and another track called “Prelude to Sleep” to help listeners fall asleep. This time I also recorded two 10 minute meditations: Relaxing the Writer Hand Meditation and Relaxing the Musician’s Hand that I plan to offer as MP3 downloads.All three will supplement my soon to be published book Relaxing the Writer.

Since this was my second time in the studio, I was more relaxed and the studio owner asked if I’d like to audition for reading textbooks. Maybe is was my excellent pronunciation or my non-Lady Gaga outfit that intrigued him. Who knows, it sounds like fun and I wouldn’t have to write my own script. It even made me think of doing podcasts and audiobooks...or not. I may be too good at helping listeners fall asleep.