Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meet Pacifico, my new hero!

Meet Pacifico Lopez!
Chihuahua shifter Pacifico Lopez was a readers' favorite in Released, the first book in the Shapeshifters' Library series, besides the hero Old English Sheepdog shifter and the librarian heroine.

Smart and feisty, the computer genius's Zoogle internet conglomerate kept the dog-shifters in premium dog food and reference books. In Retrieved Pacifico started a library services company with the smartest RFID codes ever made.

Now at last, it’s time for the smallest and smartest to have his own book. And his own romance.
Book 4, Reprinted, will be published in late October!
Soon I’ll reveal the cover for Pacifico’s book, where he’ll chase the love of his life as he battles ebook pirates in the Caribbean, but here's a advance look at this handsome guy.
Light urban fantasy for dog lovers
Librarian dog-shifters and book-burning werewolves
Book 1 Released - Liberty and Chronus's story (Golden Retriever & Old English Sheepdog)
Book 2 Retrieved - Godiva and Cynerik's story (Chocolate Labrador Retriever & English Mastiff)
Book 3 Recovered - Bliss and Harry's  (White Greyhound & Werewolf-Dog mix)

An one more thing -

I’m excited to announce the amazing Morgan Kearns has invited me back as a speaker for Buildin’ the Dream writer’s conference 2015!  

And just as exciting, Kris Tualla has booked me as one of the lucky authors for the Arizona Dreamin’ readers’ event 2015. I'm still wondering how these ladies pack so much fun into a few Arizona days. So writers or readers see what they’d got planned..check out their joint website.
Heard about Arizona Dreamin'?
It's the most unique reader event around,
and I am thrilled to be a Featured Author for 2015!
The best part is, I have a pair of tickets for my fans and friends - for only $89 each!
Email me if you want them, first come first served.
All the info about the event can be found a

Tickets will go on general sale on September 1st, so let me know ASAP!