Saturday, October 25, 2014

"Reprinted" is in print (and ebook)!

At last Reprinted
The Shapeshifters' Library, Book 4
is in print. 

It's been a fun journey with my dog-shifting librarians. Their adventures have stretched my imagination and taken me along to some of my favorite places. Now Chihuahua-shifter Pacifico, the smallest and the smartest, has his own story and his own romance. Join this voyage to the warm Caribbean sea to stop werewolf ebook pirates and bring peace to the dog-shifter werewolf feud.


For centuries a magical race of shapeshifting dogs have protected the world’s libraries from evil book-burning werewolves. But when Chihuahua-shifter Pacifico Lopez, techno-genius inventor of Zoogle, the world’s most powerful search engine, discovers a werewolf plot that threatens to destroy the world of books, dog-shifters face their biggest challenge yet.

Werewolf Landy Romero, an editor at wolf-owned World Wide Publishing, and secret book lover, is horrified to learn that Pacifico thinks her own company is sabotaging books. Their quest to track down ebook pirates takes them to a werewolf Caribbean island resort where they discover an e-book thieving sailing vessel called The Cloud, a diabolical book distribution plant, enslaved dog-shifters who hold the secret to the true dog-shifter/ werewolf history, and an unlikely romance.

In this most exciting Shapeshifters’ Library adventure yet, Pacifico and Landy are thrust into the heart of a tropical storm as they battle lies and uncover injustice and betrayal. And the truth, when exposed, will change everything they believe about themselves and their world, forever.

Friday, October 17, 2014

New Mexico - Arizona Book Awards Finalist!

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New Mexico - Arizona Book Award
Fiction - Romance Category

So excited.
 I'll be in Albuquerque, NM 
at the Awards Banquet 
on November 21st. 
Until then I'll be dancing with fingers crossed.