Saturday, February 21, 2015

Self-Publishing Workshop

The Camp Verde Community Library sponsored a free self-publishing workshop on  February 20th. For anyone who aspires to be an author, choosing how to publish a book is essential. Sorting through the choices in today’s changing publishing world is daunting, but crucial. This workshop covered the new ways to publish, discussed print-on-demand books, ebooks, and more.
Pathways to Publishing

Creative writing instructor and author Val Chanda, Yavapai College Emeritus English Faculty shared her perspectives during “Pathways to Publishing Workshop: An introduction to the world of digital self-publishing” outlining differences between traditional publishing, old-style “vanity presses,” and current options for self-publishing print and ebooks. She published her first novel, a science fiction thriller, Psy Mind: Deadly Reckoning, in 2011 and has since published two others in the Psy Mind series and launched a new mystery series.
Val Chanda

I facilitated the afternoon panel featuring local authors who have self-published in a variety of ways, including: fiction, non-fiction, memoir, inspirational, art books, a card deck, an audiobook, and audio CDs. The panel discussed their own personal paths to publishing and answered questions. Members included: Amber Polo (me), Melissa Bowersock, Ronni Ann Hall,  Val Chanda, and John Jenkins. For a very small town it was exciting to see the talent we have. 

Amber Polo, Melissa Bowersock, Val Chanda
John Jenkins, Ronni Ann Hall
 It was also exciting to see so many writer at all stages on their paths wanting to explore self-publishing.

Amber Polo
Attendees also learned about Reading Arizona (ebooks about Arizona), and SELF-e (a national collection of ebooks) both sponsored by the State Library.

Kathy Hellman, Camp Verde Library Director

Monday, February 16, 2015

New Cover for Heads in the Clouds

I was so thrilled to be a finalist even more thrilled to win I decided to add the winner's medallion to the cover! 

Traveling to Albuquerque and attending was so much fun, but to completely honestly honest - after the words "The winner is..." there is nothing like hearing your own name.
(Actually what I meant to say is more like "my heart is filled with humility and gratitude" but it still was a thrill.)

The Book Awards honor the best in New Mexico and Arizona books, as judged by booksellers, librarians, teachers, and marketing experts. The New Mexico Book Co-op is a collaborative partnership with over 1,400 local authors and publishers and is New Mexico and Arizona's largest non-profit featuring New Mexico and Arizona books. The mission of the Co-op is to showcase and help authors and publishers promote and sell books. Every state and region needs an organization like this!

I'm especially honored that Heads in the Clouds was chosen because its setting is very much like the place I live. I used wonderful northern Arizona locations like Montezuma Castle, Montezuma Well, and the Prescott Rodeo. The novel's aviation community may be similar to my own, but not one of the interesting characters are based on my neighbors (well, maybe one or two).
with Paul Rhetts New Mexico Co-op Founder

It was exciting to be with such dedicated book people who where genuinely proud of 
their profession.
Some of the winning books

Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Annual Valentine's Post

Love, Serendipity, and Chocolate
by Amber Polo

Indulge me as a republish my annual Valentines Day post.           

Once upon a time, in 1994, I was the marketing manager for a Boston conference taping company. My boss’s Polish wife decided to throw a party. Registered for a weekend regional Mensa conference at a hotel west of Boston, I was more interested in getting away from my co-workers than socializing with them. But, when your boss has a party, you go, even if the weather is awful and you know traffic to the west suburbs will be hell.

            So I ate Jolanta’s thick potato soup and dark bread and waited for the earliest polite moment to leave. At last, blocking the door, she told me I must take sweet treats with me. I opened my briefcase and she dropped in a handful of candy. I smiled and ran down the steps to head into Friday rush hour traffic.

            At the hotel Regional Gathering on Friday evening I met old friends. On Saturday morning I had my first ever tarot card reading. Still trying to make sense of the intricate cards, I walked into the Clear Thinking Workshop. I was not particularly interested in thinking; Thinking meant questions and I wanted answers. What did the future hold for me, my career, my fortune, and, most of all, my love life? Was it too much to hope to meet the love of my life? And soon?

            Sitting next to me, with obviously a more serious interest in clear thinking, was Vince Polo, an attractive, age-appropriate man from Maryland with a big smile. Vince and I left the workshop and over the next six hours drank a lot of coffee, discussed our lives, and shared personal stories and feelings. Vince’s intelligence, sense of humor, good looks, honesty, and his intense interest in me were irresistible. He stayed for the evening banquet, returned for sessions on Sunday and decided to stay in Boston for another day so we could have dinner on Monday evening.

            Sunday night, as I was unpacking my weekend luggage, I up-ended my bag and out fell two “Prince Polo Krunche wafel z kremem Kakawym oblewane naturalna Czekolada” candy bars in gold foil wrappers.

Had I found my prince?

Here's a photo from our Arizona wedding!

            A Polish deli near Sedona’s Well Red Coyote bookstore stocks Prince Polo chocolate-covered wafer candy bars. And like all the Polish people I've questioned, the deli owners agree the candy bars have been around forever and the name has no significance.
Little did I know back then that I've ever write a paranormal romance novel or a fantasy.