Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fairies 101 and the Paranormal Author!

Welcome Ronni Ann Hall, artist, & psychic teacher!
Known for her talent for deep communication with animals, nature and the invisible world, my guest this week is the Designing Fairy. An artist, teacher, author, and animal communicator, Ronni teaches online classes about the spirit world and fairy healing.

First, what is a fairy?
Before I ever started my research, my idea of fairies was taken from Disney movies. I expected floating beings with tiny wings wearing clothes! After working with the plants and flowers, I've come to realize the Fairies more as little guardian angels connected to the earth and Nature. They are simply spirits. I see them as little lights around plants, and as authorities on joy and healing. If you are able to tune into this energy, there is much information on healing yourself or simply helping your begonia to thrive.

Tell me about your online class "Fairies 101."
This class is a compilation and sampler of all my Fairy School classes, which is based on my two year of research putting together The Fairy Field Guide book and Fairy Online School. All my online classes are illustrated PDF lessons which combined my lessons, my love of story with my artistic background. In the class, students learn about Today's Fairies, how to communicate with a plant, how to see Fairies and communicate with this energy.

Would this class help writers get in touch with fairies and perhaps help them get closer to the entire spirit world?
I am sure that by taking this class or one of the Fairy School classes, a door will open to possibilities and believing, which always awakens a bigger perspective in seeing the world (which of course leads to better writing!)

Once you can recognize the spirits of the flowers, you will then easily recognize the helpful spirits around you, the voice of your animal, and even bring you closer to your own soul and spirit, which we are all trying to do whenever we write! There is such a big spiritual world around us! Just because we can't always see it, it is there.

Any tips for paranormal writers (writers who write about paranormal) about writing about the supernatural in a realistic way?
Get rid of the fantasy images we all grew up with. The more cartoonish, the faker the read for the reader, unless of course, you are writing for small children. Write more authentic and the reader will experience the story. Include all your senses and emotions, and your observations and disbelief/belief. The paranormal is all about discovery with the wonder of a child, and of course, believing when your head tells you are crazy, but your heart tells you something else.

And what about talking dogs, a popular literary genre (IMO)? As an animal communicator, what advice would you give an author who wants their animal characters to speak?
Please don't dress them in clothes. Make your animals as emotional and as aware as possible. They are different than humans in behavior and in body, but the same emotionally. I've talked to many animals and what is constant is their awareness and consciousness is the same as ours! Many even higher. They have a higher perspective than we do, are able to love easily and be in the moment. Also, be sure to write from their visual perspective. A tiny mouse will see the world from a very low perspective on the ground, while a huge elephant will see us as very tiny.

Besides your classes and art, what are you working on?
My c
urrent book projects are The Fairy Field Guide and Letters From Lucy.

Ronni, thank you for visiting. I hope readers check out your whimsical art as well as your classes. And those lucky enough to live in northern Arizona consider your in-person Animal Communication classes.

Learn more about Ronni's Fairy classes and animal communication work, books, art and her artwork and book projects.

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  1. Oooo, I love paranormal classes. Can't wait to find out more about faeries.

  2. What an interesting school. I'll bet there's no dropouts!!

  3. How truly fascinating. I'm off to learn more. Thanks!

  4. What a fascinating post Roni, thank you so much, I'm especially interested in animal communication. Having studied a little 'natural horemanship I now realise that we often look at an animal's point of view FROM our own and make the mistake of thinking they see things as we do. I'm off to your blog to find out more.

  5. This was a very interesting blog, Amber and Ronni. I found your insights to be very perceptive and intriguing. I particularly enjoyed the part about animals.

  6. Very interesting topic. I'm afraid to ask what this means for those of us who have a "black thumb."

  7. When we were in Ireland last summer, we walked a fairy circle. Fascinating.

    About animals, I know one of my dogs likes to look at me as though she's saying, "You just don't get it." ;-)

  8. Hi Beth and Mary. There usually aren't any dropouts. :)

    Hi Skhye. Hope you learned more.

    Hywela, yes, I am always amazed by the animals' perspectives.

    Thanks Maggie.

    Hi Kara. Actually, I'm not very good with plants myself but can see the energies.

    LK, you got the mind meld where are dogs try so hard to communicate to us.

    - Ronni Hall,