Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why I Write Fantasy - Kari Thomas

Amber: Welcome Kari Thomas, paranormal romance author. Tell me, Why do you write fantasy?
Kari: WHY? Because I’m insane. Okay, before you shake your head, think about it. Authors spend a large amount of their time writing. We end up living in the world(s) we create, and sharing countless experiences with our characters. Contemporary writers get the opportunity to “live in the here and now, real world” with their characters. But, a Fantasy writer? Nope. Imaginative worlds, weird and intriguing characters, and anything your crazy brain can create. In an author’s Fantasy world, you can escape from reality for a short time.

Amber: Why do you think readers love fantasy?
Kari: For the author and for the reader, Fantasy brings limitless possibilities you can only dream about, and proves that the Magic of Love has no boundaries.

Amber: Would you write fantasy even if no one read it?
Kari: A most definite YES! I write what I love to read, and to be able to create and control my own fantasy worlds is something I couldn’t give up --- even if no one else ever read it. It’s that “insanity” part of me!
And it’s FUN! Imagine living in a world where sexy Shapeshifters, intriguing Vampires, heroic Angels, and even mysterious-but-hunky Demons roam. Imagine being able to create AND control a world that brings your reader into it like a willing captive and keeps her there as she experiences every thing that happens in this Fantasy. I write what I love to read, and it’s a great feeling to be able to share
All of my paranormal romances are unique and different from the norm. Sure, I have incredibly sexy male heroes and brave heroines, but I write each book with plots that you won’t find elsewhere.

Want a hero that is half Angel and half Demon? HER HEART HIS SOUL has Drake who fights an inner battle against both his natures.

Want a hero that is so Alpha Wolf Shifter that he doesn’t know the word “no”, and only concentrates on his “prey”? PREY FOR THE WOLF has Kane who sets his prey-sights on his brother’s fiancé.

What about a Cougar Shifter who is the head of a household of unique and various species shapeshifters? You’ll find sexy Aiden in TEMPTATION UNLEASHED.

Want the ultimate hero who tries to put Honor above his own wants and needs, his uncontrollable lust? Logan in HUNTED MATE is that hero! How about a sexy cowboy-turned rancher who is all male-sexy --- but vows to never allow love into his life again?

In SEDUCING THE HERO, poor Colt doesn’t stand a chance against the feisty witch heroine, but he’s going to try and resist as long as he can!

And, in UNDER A SHIFTER’S MOON there’s Lyon. A too-sexy-too-Alpha-for-his-own-good hero who has to make a fateful decision that will either destroy his Jaguar Pride or kill the woman he loves.

Who wouldn’t love spending time in those worlds, with these characters? Okay, maybe you have to be a bit insane too, like me, but hey … it’s FUN! And that’s why I write Fantasy!

Amber: Thanks Kari, for taking time from your fantasy worlds to visit Wordshaping.

Kari Thomas lives in Northern Arizona, and divides her time between taking care of her dad and writing. When life gets overly hectic she retreats into one of her fantasy stories.
Kari has six paranormal romances and two shorts published. She knows there is no cure for insanity, so it appears she is destined to continue writing fantasy stories for years to come! 

Kari's latest release is Hold on to the Night from All Romance Books. It's a hot short contemporary romance
(in ebook format only).  
 Proceeds to benefit the American Heart Association.

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  1. Hi Kari, I certainly LOVE reading fantasy!!! I love all the possibilities, the different, the unknown and I LOVE your books!!!!

    in Germany

  2. Kari,

    I love all your books. The sensuality in your stories is so captivating, I often read them in one sitting.

    Talk about imagination, yours is top notch!

  3. It's nice to know sometimes why authors are drawn to the genre they write in.

  4. You have a great mind for fantasy and paranormal writing. You know my fav is Lyon.
    Terrific interview. Delicious covers.


  5. I agree with your take on fantasy. You can let your imagination run wild - within the boundaries that you establish for your fantasy. Fantasy and sci fi are my favorite genres.

  6. Wonderful interview questions and Kari had imaginative and honest answers. Well Done!!!

  7. I've often thought that fantasy writers, like me, are insane of those very same reasons. Glad to see that I'm not the only one!

  8. HI BACK, everyone! Thanks for stopping by! Yep, isnt Fantasy the best! I love writing in the Paranormal-Fantasy genre. What other genre will allow you to take a cute furball and turn him into a sexy shapeshifter; or a guy with a serious bite problem and turn him into a delicious vampire? Ahh, the possibilities are endless! YAY!

    Hugs and HAPPY READING!

  9. Great article! Recently, I read an article that said a study showed some creative but emotionally disturbed people have startling bursts of creativity during the worst periods of their disability. Perhaps there is a correlation between insanity and talent. Whatever, I'm also one of the insane in that case!

  10. Kari, It sounds like you are just as sane as the rest of us LOL Happy writing.

  11. Hi Kari

    You beautifully capture why I and so many others are attracted to the world of fantasy.

    Keep writing!

  12. Hey, we insane readers appreciate insane writers! :) Write on, Kari!

  13. Great interview! And I'm so thankful for the fantasy worlds. If not for them, where would we escape from the horrors of reality?

  14. hey Kari!

    You're right, reading and writing fantasy is a great way to escape---Hey! I wonder if drug rehabilitation centers could use reading
    romance/fantasy, or just plain reading, as a requirement for their program???!! Their motto could be: " Reading--a Drug-Free Escape"
    or something like that . . . .

  15. Maybe writing romance novels could be a drug free prescription for the insane. Hey Kari, what do you say?

  16. Also, fantasy can be quite a challenge to write for the very reasons you love to write it, Kari. The entire world and the creatures in it are imaginary and they still have to make sense be believable to readers.
    Sarah McNeal

  17. Love fantasy, and paranormal, etc. I admire writers who could come up with all these ideas! Keep the books coming!:o)

  18. Hi Kari and Amber! Nice interview! Thanks. I have been enjoying some fantasy reading lately! It is fun. I love the worlds you create.
    BTW Kari - I have a Kindle2 and now read about two books on Kindle to every one on print. I also listen to Audios so any book format is good for me! :)

  19. Amber - Thanks for giving the questions to Kari.

    Kari - I'm not a big fantasy/sci-fi fan, but I'm very interested in the realm of paranormal romance. But what is paranormal romance? Paranormal pertains mostly to vampire, werewolves, etc. which is deeply rooted in aspects of fantasy and at times, sci-fi. I'm glad you did a brief summary of all your books. Now I have to buy one of your books, e-book or in print) and put it on my TBR list. Keep up the good work!

    Liza Quisisem

  20. Kari, Whether my WIP is paranormal or not, I believe insanity goes with writing. We have to write our characters to get them out of our head. Like you, I would write even if I couldn't market the books. Hmmm, guess I really am insane. :)

  21. what, authors live in their own little world? I'm sure you are mistaken. $%kk .d Pardon. Dern ladybug playing on my keyboard. She wants to use my phone again... *sigh*
    I know, I know...

  22. I love role-playing games, but being a writer is even better. You get to control ALL the characters and make them dance to your tune. Is that insane? Then color us all insane! I feel the same way about pulp heroes and comic book-style superheroes. Strong, sexy, and mine, all mine!