Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why I Write Fantsy - Skhye Moncrief

Amber: Welcome Skhye, romance author and fantasy world maven.
Tell me why you write fantasy.
Skhye: I write fantasy because I love world building as well as pitting science against magic. I have to do something to use my formal education in geology and anthropology. I always feel my favorite quote sums up my perspective:
"Be the change you want to see in the world." ~Ghandi. Fantasy allows for setting social issues in other "lands" so you don't step on people's toes when mounting your soapbox. LOL. I have smashed toes with my book Forbidden Eternity. But most people rave instead of rant after reading it! 

Amber: Why do readers love fantasy?
Skhye: I think readers love to escape. I've heard they prefer medieval settings in fantasy. I don't know if that's because of the power structure... Trust me. When only one or two people get to affect the lives of all the occupants of a region, that doesn't sound like fun. Nor does eating gritty gruel. And don't forget the sparrow on special occasions. But there's something about fantasy works -- romance in my case. Something probably along the lines of living vicariously through the hero and heroine -- becoming the knight's lady or defeating the dark nobleman! And who wouldn't want to pretend to get to wear those exquisite gowns? Things were terribly simpler then. Just taxes. Just do your job. See. And good always prevails is a common theme. But then there is magic... Now we're talking escape through empowerment. Nobody has the upperhand when you're in possession of an enchanted doohickey. I could really use one of those doohickeys...

Amber: Would you write fantasy even if no one read it?
Skhye: I do. LOL It's true. And thank goodness they read my published fantasy. But I'm horrible about mixing romance subgenres. I think it overwhelms the reader. Like my werewolf space opera where extraterrestrials are psychics fighting a war for freedom of thought and the bad guys look like the common alien with the Communion-mask for a face. You know, the little guys exiting the spaceship on CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. I did it. I put all the paranormal elements in one story. Well, no ghosts and fairies yet. But I played with them so much in my Time Guardian series that I told them they had to sit out of my werewolf space opera. Anyway, I'm rambling -- nothing new to those who follow my blog. :)

Amber: Thanks Skhye, for visiting Wordshaping. Hope you had fun.

Skhye: Thanks for raking me o'er the coals, Amber!

Skhye Moncrief is formally educated in geology and anthropology, she pushes the envelope writing cross-genre paranormal romance classified as paranormal or fantasy romance.
Her time-travel Time Guardian series ( deals with soul mates, astrology, alchemy, fairies, freemasons, druids, mythical creatures, were-creatures, vampires, and anything else of legend that must be explained in history... Since the Orders are from the future, they have technology and study a scientifically-based alchemy. In a nutshell, this says it all: Open the door to a new reality where legend becomes history and destined love defeats timeless evil. Her first novella, ANCIENT MUSINGS, has all the Greek muses fall in love.
HE OF THE FIERY SWORD Time-traveling shape-shifting dragon becomes King Arthur by saving his soul mate, a Druid, from mischeivous fairies... A man must live before becoming king.
FORBIDDEN ETERNITY Shape-shifting Native-American shaman and a Druid outwit a changeling and Hell Hounds by hiding on an astral plane
THE SPELL OF THE KILLING MOON A shape-shifting were-assassin must stop her soul mate, a renegade Time Guardian, from disrupting the timeline... One must die so the other can live
NAKED ON THE STAIRCASE Time-traveling ex-Legionnaire Cowboy and a Druid defeat a psychic vampire... A Time Guardian Halloween Tale
SACRIFICIAL HEARTS A Time-traveling Scot from the future faces his biggest challenge in earning the love of a 21st Century American woman... A Time Guardian Valentines Tale

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  1. Nice interview Ladies! Go ahead, rake her over the coals, Amber, it's something she would do to one of her characters. Did you hear that sci-fi/fantasy/mysticism she concocted? Those poor characters. LOL Aw Skhye, I love your writing. You're a great world builder!

  2. What makes you think fantasy worlds are not real?

  3. They all sound good I am intrigued by Naked on the Staircase

  4. Hello Skhye and Amber,

    Fascinating interview as always, and I agree with nearly every point you make, Skhye, except I'm not so sure about readers being overwhelmed by the mixing of sub-genres. I, for one, find the concept very exciting and your 'Werewolf space opera sounds as intriguing as all your books, and very original.

    As for first chapters, I loved the first chapter of 'He Of The Fiery Sword.' It pulled me right into your world and intrigued me and made me want to find out more.

  5. Thanks, everyone. I don't see my comments from yesterday. :( Amber, your blog hates me. ;) Thanks for having me over, Amber!

  6. Love the interview. And like Hywela, I have no problem with the mixing of sub-genres. Actually, I often enjoy it. If written by a good (or great in your case) writer it shouldn't matter if sub-genres are mixed. I'm always looking for new experiences in my reading.

    All the books look good, adding them to my wish list, and TBR mountain. I think the favourite first chapter is Naked on the Staircase. Close second is Sacrificial Heart.

  7. Thanks, LeslieJane. I actually had too much fun writing the opening chapter to NAKED ON THE STAIRCASE. Bwa ha haa! Thanks for stopping by. ~Skhye

  8. I really enjoyed the first chapters. They are all intriguing. I think the first one it would like to pursue would be SWORD SONG. I can relate to her wanting to follow her craft, plus my son and husband are blacksmiths. My son has done many knives and tomahawks and started a sword, but the forge he is using isn't long enough.

  9. Skhye,
    Meant to mention how much I enjoy the research section of your site. It is always interesting finding out those little tidbits. I too have a TBR mountain. We all seem to be compulsive readers. There are worse things : )

  10. Hi, Library Pat! Wow, sword smiths? Well, let's just say I did loads of research to write from a smithing angle. :) SWORDSONG is my most Karen M. Moning piece. That is, her early series. And, I think I'm more of a wannabe compulsive reader. There's just never enough time in the day to climb Mt. TBR. LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Congratulations, Jeanine! You won a pdf of your choice from my backlist. Please email the title of your choice to so I can get that to you.

    Thanks for raking me o'er the coals, Amber. And thanks to everyone who stopped by for a visit. May Calliope reign for those of us writing and reading today! ~Skhye