Monday, August 16, 2010

Why I Write Fantasy - Susan Blexrud

Welcome Susan Blexrud, author of romantic urhan fantasy!

Amber: Why do you write fantasy?
Susan: I think in this post apocalyptic world (I’m referring to 9/11) that everyone wants an escape, and they want to know who the villain is. Will he get blown to smithereens or transformed by love? Fantasy makes us forget our woes, and that goes for the writer as well as the reader.

Amber: What are the differences between "romantic' urban fantasy and paranormal romance?
Susan: If I had to choose, I’d pick urban fantasy as my preferred read because I enjoy the secondary characters and world building as much as I do the primary romance. In paranormal romance, the relationship between the two main characters rules, and though I find nothing wrong with that, I prefer the broader appeal of urban fantasy. That said, what I write is really contemporary romance with paranormal elements. And I DO love happy endings!

Amber: Why do readers love fantasy?
Susan:To sum it up in one word…escape. I think the key to good fantasy is to make the world you’ve created believable to the reader. Nothing is more satisfying to this writer than to have a reader tell me she could have sworn she saw one of my characters at the dry cleaners or at Starbucks. Plunking paranormal characters in the everyday world is fascinating.

Amber: Would you write fantasy even if no one read it?
Susan: Sure. Even as a published author, the monetary reward is so minuscule that you have to get your jollies from the written word. The thrill of creation is what keeps me going.

Amber: Thanks, Susan for visiting Wordshaping. Love Fang sounds like so much fun!
Susan: Thanks for inviting me to your blog, Amber. 

A sexy vampire with an infected fang falls in love with his dentist. Dental drills whir and hearts pound as this unlikely pair struggle to find happiness.

Susan Blexrud is a multi-published author of paranormal fiction.
Her books are available in e-book format and print from 
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Fictionwise, 
and All Romance E-Books. 

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  1. Susan, I agree that people read fantasy more than ever to escape the sometimes grim reality of everyday life. If you look at Tolkien writing Lord of the Rings in the shadow of WWII, you can see a parallel. And when did his work become most popular? In the Vietnam War era. People need fantasy and definitely happy endings.

  2. Hi Susan,

    I agree with you. Fantasy is a great way to escape the harsh reality of life now.
    Love Fang sounds like a fun, sexy read.

  3. As a reader, escape is usually what I'm looking for when I read. Reading is my form of relaxation from a stressful life.

  4. It seems to me that the love for reading fantasy are the same reason a person reads romance, or any other genre - to escape to another world, whether it be a fantasy world, or a thriller world, or romance world.

    That being said, I'm a die hard fan of fantasy because I love the elements of magic and the hero's journey. So it is my favorite genre to read and write in.

  5. Miriam, Celtic Chick, Andrea, and Katie,
    Thanks for contributing to my post. Looks like we're all escapists. Would love to sit down and mull it over with you, but since that's its own fantasy, consider this a clink of my cyber glass of wine to you.

  6. Hi, Susan!
    I agree fantasy is a great escape. I devoured Ray Bradbury when I was in my teens. I write Historical Romance which is a great escape, as well. I may try fantasy one day.

  7. Kathleen O'BrienAugust 17, 2010 at 9:54 AM

    Susan, so well put! Fantasy is the perfect escape, and a clear-cut villain is so satisfying. Think of how we all love to hate Lord Voldemort!

  8. @ Ilona, I love historical romance, so keep it coming!

    @ Kathleen, It's always a treat to hear from you. I've been trying to figure out how to enter your wonderful new contest. I know the image I want to re-create (a stained glass window from Happily Never After), but I haven't figured out how to do it, yet.

  9. Congratulations, Andrea. I did an eenie-meenie, and I'll be e-mailing you your copy of Love Fang. Thanks to everyone for the great comments!

  10. Thanks, Susan for being my guest. I'm taking a copy of this blog with me when I visit my dentist this week.

    And Congratulations Andrea!