Monday, October 11, 2010

Taos as Muse

This weekend my small town hosted Fort Verde Days celebration and I assisted with the Art Show (because artists are almost as much fun as writers). I entered a photo, Mabel's House, that I took on my latest trip to the magical town of Taos, New Mexico. The photo shows a light burning through the door in the Mabel Dodge Luhan House where I attended my 5th Yoga as Muse  Writing/Yoga Retreat (That's me on the page promoting the next retreat.) Talking to people about my photo brought back many memories of Taos.

Five days of yoga, writing, and magical Taos spirit. Plus glorious food at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House, inspiration to spark creativity, the company of fifteen stimulating writers, and hope for a chance meeting with Georgia O'Keefe's ghost.

The mid-March weather in the high desert is always unpredictable – from warm and sunny to snow - but the fires burn hot with authentic words. I drove through snow for the first time in many years.

Jeff Davis, writing instructor, coach, and yogi from Accord, NY, has created a gentle energy in New Mexico to recharge the imagination, reconnect to heart, and move writers from their “center to the page.” In groups, we learn how to integrate breath work, mediation, and yoga into a daily practice. In the Taos air, there is time to reflect, walk in nature, stare at mountains, shop, and be struck to write something new or work on an existing piece. Did I mention the wonderful food?

And, if you go, be sure to visit Moby Dickens, a fabulous bookstore. 

Jeff’s book, The Journey from the Center to the Page: Yoga Philosophies and Practices as Muse for Authentic Writing offers a way for writers to connect with their bodies and bring balance to their creative lives. He addresses the common issues writers face (meaningful purpose, persistence, discipline, concentration) plus the essentials of craft with a fresh twist:

Every year is different and the challenges are different, sometimes mental, sometimes physical. Jeff teases that I’ve published a book for every year I’ve attended. Maybe not quite true, but I have published two novels (Romancing Rebecca and Flying Free) and written three more. Most important, I’ve integrated the two passions in my life – yoga and writing – and learned to recognize authentic writing, those words that, whatever the genre, pour the writer’s soul onto the page.

I didn’t meet Georgia O’Keefe’s ghost but I did see the bathroom windows painted by D. H. Lawrence when he visited.

I'm anticipating next March and another Taos trip. (The photo above of Jeff looking out at Taos Mountain and Taos Pueblo land was taken from the balcony of my room.)

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