Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why I Write Fantasy -Vijaya Schartz

Amber: Welcome Vijaya Schartz, romantic sci-fi author!

Amber: Why do you write fantasy?

Viyaya: I was a sci-fi/fantasy junkie as a child (books and TV shows), so naturally when I started writing I wrote sci-fi/fantasy, then I realized that something was missing from the stories for them to completely satisfy me as an adult, so I added the romantic element. Now what I write is called sci-fi/fantasy romance, which is a new subgenre growing in popularity.

Amber: Why do  you think readers love what you write?

Viyaya: Probably for the same reason I love writing it. Who can resist a fully plotted action adventure story in an imaginary world where incredible things are possible, with a fully developed love story, a yummy hero, a kick-butt heroine (or not), and a happy, satisfying and emotional ending? It's Indiana Jones meets Battlestar Galactica (or an episode of Stargate as a reviewer put it), with a sizzling romance to boot. What's not to like?

Amber: Would you write fantasy even if no one read it?

Viyaya: I probably would, although I would also write something else to pay the bills, hoping the fantasy would sell eventually. I cannot be the only person on the planet who loves the stuff.

With over a dozen novels published, Award-winning author Vijaya Schartz writes action romance in Sci-Fi, contemporary, paranormal, and historical settings. Born in France, and having traveled around the world, she brings an exotic quality to her stories. Her books gathered three Golden Quill awards, one Independent Publishers Book Award, and numerous Reviewer’s Choice nominations and five-star reviews.
Book Three of The Chronicles of Kassouk series
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Black Jaguar volunteered to sail away on his brother’s Galleon to get away from his roguish past, and prove his worth as a blood prince. The last thing he expects on this virgin land is tragedy, mind-reading natives, scheming Mutants, or hostile Star People...

The Chronicles of Kassouk series is available in eBook in all formats everywhere (including Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Apple etc.) and from the publisher, Desert Breeze.

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