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Why I Write Fantasy - Janet Lane Walters

Welcome Janet Lane Walters, fantasy author with a touch of romance, adventure, and mystery!

Amber: Why do you write fantasy? 

Janet: Who isn't interested in magic and wishing for powers that could defeat evil? Part of the reason I write fantasy is that is how my mind works these days. As a child I grew up reading just about every book in the library and when I discovered the few fantasy books there were at that time I devoured them. Since I write in a number of genres, I sort of go where the spirit takes me. Fantasy is fun and creating an entire world is interesting. The first Fantasy I wrote was called the Jewels of Earda that went on to become a trilogy. I submitted it to many publishers who at that time told me they liked the story but there was no market for fantasy. So I went on to other things. Then came Tolkein and his stories and from my files I dug out what became The first of a trilogy and titled The Quest For the White Jewel. I have also always been fascinated with the idea of magic and having things not what they seem. I've also been interested in astrology and have rather combined the two loves in my writing.

Amber: How would you describe your subgenre?

Janet: Not sure I have a subgenre. Once again I sort of go all over the map. The Jewels of Earda is a fantasy that can be read by teens and forward. The Henge Betrayed series is definitely YA but I have adult readers for the series. Here the focus characters can control and use either Earth, Air, Water or Fire. My grandchildren are the models for the characters. Then we come to The Warrior of Bast the start of an alternate world series in an ancient Egypt. There is a romance in the book but the adventure is more the focus. Of course Mistress of the Moons is definitely an adult fantasy and is an alternate world and three romances since there are three heroines, three heroes and three villains. Then there are the Fyre duo, The Temple of Fyre and The Dragons of Fyre and they're very adult.

Amber: What are your favorite fantasy novels?  

Janet: There are more than I can count. Of course Tolkien series. I've been a fan of Andre Norton with her Witch World series had have all on my shelf. I enjoy the Mercedes Lackey series. Another of my favorites is Jane Toombs. Gloria Oliver and Margaret L. Carter. There are probably dozens more I could mention since I have an extensive collection that I read and reread.

Amber: Why do readers love fantasy?
Janet: Can't speak of all readers but of the books I've read and the feedback I've gotten from my readers. The magic enchants them and since most fantasies are involved with good and evil with good triumphing I think the hope that good would always win drives people to read fantasies. Often fantasy stories combine action with the magic. Fantasies also appeal to the child in us and we all yearn to return to those days when we believed in magic.

Amber: Would you write fantasy even if no one read it? 

Janet: Another tricky question. I very likely would because I write the things I like to read and since fantasies are among the things I enjoy reading I would continue writing in the genre. Actually I would just continue writing period.

Janet Lane Walters:
I've been writing since the dark ages, the days of typewriters and carbon paper. Actually there was a long period of time when I left writing to return to work as a nurse to help put four children through college. My career began with short stories in 1968 and moved to novels in 1972. I live in the scenic Hudson River valley with my husband of many years. I've four children and five grandchildren. Though recently fantasy has been my direction, I've written mysteries, romance from sweet to savory, contemporary to historical.

Books by Janet Lane Walters

The Temple of Fyre and The Dragons of Fyre (finalist in the Dream Realm Awards)

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  1. Great interview, Janet!

    I was a huge fan of fantasy in 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade. I think what happened with me is that I got tired of waiting for sequels. LOL I do still love Andre Norton, David Eddings (loved his Belgariad series), Anne McCaffrey, Tolkien, and so on. I read some Piers Anthony as well, but again I grew tired of waiting for the next book in a series. Oh, I almost forgot the Amber Chronicles. Those were wonderful, too!


  2. I love Tolkien-type stories! Fantasy books are a good escape from the realities of life, so you can really take your mind off of things and relax into a different world for a while. Your books sound interesting!

  3. Sci fi and fantasy are my first loves and they'll be my last loves! There are so many reasons to love the genre! Your stories sound extremely interesting!

  4. Hi, Marci, Debbie and Julia, Thanks for stopping by the interview and thanks for your comments. Fantasy is always fun.

  5. Enjoyed the Interview ---I love reading about new authors Ive not had the chance to read yet. Wishing you great sales with your book!

    hugs, Kari Thomas

  6. I've never read fantasy too much, but I'm thinking more about it but not in the realm of other worlds but ghosts and the like. In fact, one of my WIP includes a ghost though it is not a dead ghost--it is the ghost of the MC's ex-husband who lives on another continent.

  7. Kari and Brenda, thanks for stopping by.

  8. I love the cover of 'The Warrior of Bast' it begs me to find out more. With Fantasy there are no limitations - this is wonderful.

  9. marybelle, I love the cover and since I love Egypt this book is one I had fun writing

  10. I enjoyed the interview! I have just gotten into the genre of romantic fantasy and found I really love it. Your books sound very exciting.


  11. cats lady, If you ever need any recommendations I have plenty.

  12. Janet and Amber, a wonderful interview full of fascinating information about a terrific author. Thanks.

  13. I agree, magic is enchanting. Being able to create a whole new world is wonderful! Can't wait to read on of your books.

  14. How awesome, to put your grandkids in a book! Are they old enough to appreciate it?

  15. Grand kind here and soon to arrive from china range in age from three to twenty-two. The five who are really main characters are old enough to appreciate. The last two play minor roles since I don't know them you other than pictures.

  16. Posting the winners and you'll have to email me Shady L 717 @ Leave off the spaces. I need to know where to send the books. Julia won The Quest for The White Jewel. Marybelle won The Warrior of Bast

  17. Congratulations Julia and Marybelle. Hope you all had fun!