Friday, February 1, 2013

Is Your Dog Is a Shifter?

How To Tell If Your Dog Is a Shifter

1. Have you met your dog’s parents?
a. No
b. Yes

2. What is your dog’s favorite food?
a. Kibble and dog biscuits
b. Pizza, hamburger, and filet mignon

3. How does your dog get along with other dogs?
a. Loves to play or fight with other dogs
b. Ignores them like they’re another species

4. Where does your dog prefer to sleep?
a. Dog bed or crate
b. King sized bed with duvet

5. Does your dog prefer spending time with you
a. Watching TV
b. Reading a book

6. Does your dog have unexplained absences?
a. No
b. Yes

7. Does your dog have friends you’ve never met?
a. No
b. Yes

8. Do bookmarks move after your dog has been home alone?
a. No
b. Yes

9. Did you ever find your favorite book in your dog’s bed?
a. No
b. Yes

10. Does your dog enjoy walks to bookstores with outdoor cafes?
a. No
b. Yes

11. If you ask your dog what is his/her favorite book, does he/she
a. Growl or ignore you
b. Try to tell you that you have low-brow taste

12. Does your dog come home smelling like
a. Dead animals and skunk
b. Old books and internet cafes

13. Does your dog alphabetize his/her toys?
a. No
b. Yes (definite dog-shifter librarian tendencies)

14. Is your dog was smarter than your brother? Prettier than your sister?  
a. No.
b. Yes

15. Do you find unidentifiable stains on unworn clothes in your closet?
a. No
b. Yes

     16. Does your dog look bleary-eyed after a long night reading?
a. No
b. Yes

17. Has your dog suggested you sign up for an obedience class?
a. No
b. Yes

A = 0 point
B = 1 points

0-5 Regular dog (Lucky you)
6- 9 Not sure (Be careful)
10-17 Definitely a dog-shifter (You may have a problem)

No one characteristic will distinguish the dog-shifter (or part dog-shifter) from a regular domestic canine. In general, watch a dog who is usually smart or good looking. Size does not matter. Any size from English Mastiff to Chihuahua could be a shifter. Also note that a werewolf can masquerade as a common dog or wolfdog. 

If you have a dog-shifter, provide high quality reading material and don’t complain if your computer is on when you wake up in the morning.

To learn more about dog-shifters read
 Released (The Shapeshifters' Library Book 1)
Retrieved (The Shapeshifters' Library Book 2)

 Leave a comment telling why you think your dog could be a shifter? 

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  1. She's definitely snarky enough to be one. She's a little dog and thinks she can play with the big boys. Which is probably do to the fact she saw my rotty as her mom. Thanks for the giveaway and the quiz!

  2. The Tour is over. Chris R won. I've sent her an email and waiting for her and her dog to send me their address.
    Thanks to all who entered!