Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Creating a New Dog Friendly Logo

I love the covers for TheShapeshifters’ Library series. Released and Retrieved both have gorgeous covers I am so proud of.  

Originally I used a version of the top of the book cover design as a logo for the series and my Facebook Fan Page banner:

Facebook Banner

As I created more promotional materials (book bags, coffee cups for Starbarks and post cards) I wanted a version of the logo that showed off the dog more clearly.

I asked the creative, talented and beautiful Connie Lee Marie Fisher to give the log a white background that would emphasize the dog. After all, the book is about dog-shifters and everyone knows dog lovers love dogs on book covers.

Connie created a couple of versions I liked:

And then one with a red dog that was perfect:


And then the trouble began... 

Never one to let perfection alone, Connie sent me another. Apparently late one night she was bewitched by her cat Harry and one of them added a cat to my logo. And more cats...                          

And more cats... And more cats...

Retrieved has several cat chapters where readers will learn that some cats have ancient shifter blood which gives them the ability to speak, but they can’t be bothered. 

Retrieved also features a cat infestation in the library when book-burning werewolves put not one, but many, many cats in the library’s book drop. (Apologies to Dewey whose library life began when he was dumped into a bookdrop.)

So despite Connie and Harry, The Shapeshifters’ Library series is really about 


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