Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jumping Chollas Dog Agility

Jumping Chollas* Dog Agility Club 

April Show in Cottonwood, AZ

A-Frame  - Top of the mountain!
Tunnel - Great exercise for dog and trainer

T-Shirt of the Day "Your Dog Doesn't Know Sit"
Dog getting his chicken after a great performance.    


The Dog Agility trial was fun to watch, but the owners and dogs seemed to be having more fun than the spectators. 

For the average dog owner seeing dogs of all sizes and breeds off leash knowing which jumps, tunnels, or obstacles to take, in what order, by watching their owners would have seemed amazing. But these ordinary dogs, some rescue dogs, where having a ball.

 Even when a dog didn't perform a perfect run the owner praised their buddy. 

When a dog did exceptionally well, everyone yelled, "Chicken Run!" indicating that that dog would get special treats.

The enthusiasm was infectious. This competition that was about doing well not winning.

*If you don't know what chollas are:

They're pretty, but get too close and you'll be jumping.

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