Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Heads in the Clouds Wins New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards: Fiction - Romance!

What a thrill to be a finalist and what a wild thrill to win! 

Traveling to Albuquerque and attending was so much fun, but to completely honestly honest - after the words "The winner is..." there is nothing like hearing your own name. 

(Actually what I meant to say is more like "my heart is filled with humility and gratitude" but it still was a thrill.)

The Book Awards honor the best in New Mexico and Arizona books, as judged by booksellers, librarians, teachers, and marketing experts. The New Mexico Book Co-op is a collaborative partnership with over 1,400 local authors and publishers and is New Mexico and Arizona's largest non-profit featuring New Mexico and Arizona books. The mission of the Co-op is to showcase and help authors and publishers promote and sell books. Every state and region needs an organization like this!

I'm especially honored that Heads in the Clouds was chosen because its setting is very much like the place I live. I used wonderful northern Arizona locations like Montezuma Castle, Montezuma Well, and the Prescott Rodeo. The novel's aviation community may be similar to my own, but not one of the interesting characters are based on my neighbors (well, maybe one or two).
with Paul Rhetts New Mexico Co-op Founder

Anne Hillerman
It was exciting to be with such dedicated book people who where genuinely proud of their profession.
Some of the winning books