Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wolf Howl Raven Speak


Wolf Howl Raven Speak: a collection of poems, stories, and dreams
by D. Whitewolf McFadden

Mystical, funny, and mingled with Whitewolf's powerful words on the plight of the wolves, her writing is filled with inspiration and her personal view of life and purpose.

One of the the best things I did in 2014 was edit and publish Wolf Howl Raven Speak. I loved selecting the poems and stories, arranges edited, added of some of Whitewolf's delightful drawings, and formatted the print edition. I'm proud of this special gift for an awesome friend. Who knew I'd love creating a book I didn't write.

Here's a sample from Wolf Howl Raven Speak:

Shadow of Doubt
Through a window
The morning sun
Filtered in
And cast my shadow
On the wall.
When I looked at it again,
It wasn’t me - at all.

There was a shaggy mane
Around my neck,
And two pricked ears
Atop my head.
A muzzle appeared
Behind a chair.

Then I could see
When I looked again
That what was me
Had become a…

WhiteWolf is a wolf activist, dog trainer, and educator. Throughout her life she has embodied the Spirit of the Wolf, the Voice of the Raven, and the Courage of The Lone Ranger.

Remaining an inspiration to all who know her, she teaches dog training, offers workshops, and follows her lifelong interests in animals, the environment, and a creative life.

WhiteWolf lives in northern Arizona with Sirius, her retired racing greyhound.
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