Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Celebrate Libraries Contest"

Released (Book 1 in The Shapeshifters' Library series) 

has over 50 reviews on Amazon and 76 ratings on Goodreads
I’m so thrilled I’m celebrating with a big contest. 
Win one prize for yourself and one to share with your favorite librarian.

  • For you - A book bag filled with books and swag.(Canvas book bag, T-shirt (size large), Fluffy dog puppet, Books: The Shapeshifters’ Library Book 4 – Reprinted, Heads in the Clouds, Relaxing the Writer book & CD, plus misc. swag: dog biscuits, real wolf fur, tea bags, etc.
  • And for your favorite Library - Print copies of The Shapeshifters’ Library book 1-4 mailed to the library of your choice.
Why would your librarian love The Shapeshifter's Library series?
  • A library filled with shifter librarians and human librarians with ordinary librarian superpowers.
  • Library humor: RFID labels as a plot device, werewolf bookclubs, disappearing books, a children's librarian grows a tail, bookworm crisis, censorship of anthropomorphic books, a library janitor challenges a incumbent werewolf for town mayor, and more...
  • Warning: Some humor is aimed at cat-loving librarians (this is a dog-shifter focused fantasy)

So, what do you have to do?
Only one thing!

Send me an email: amber@amberpolo.com 

Add the Subject heading: "Celebrate Libraries Contest" and tell me the name of your favorite library (the library I'd send books to if you were chosen as the random winner.) That's all and I'll pick a random winner.Contest ends: Midnight Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Dear Library Lovers:
Even though this contest doesn’t require it, I’d still love library lovers and dog lovers to visit my website, watch my book trailer, and sign up for my newsletter.

And please forward to your friends and librarian friends,


Light urban fantasy for lovers of libraries and dogs!
Librarian dog-shifters and book-burning werewolves

Book 1 Released - Liberty and Chronus's story (Golden Retriever & Old English Sheepdog)
Book 2 Retrieved - Godiva and Cynerik's story (Chocolate Labrador Retriever & English Mastiff)
Book 3 Recovered - Bliss and Harry's story (White Greyhound & Werewolf-Dog mix)
Book 4 Reprinted - Pacifico and Atlandia's story (Chihauhua and white Werewolf)

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  1. And the winner is: Brooke and her library!!
    Thanks to all for entering and loving their library!