Monday, April 21, 2014

Hearts in the Vortex

It's Springtime in Arizona!

And I'm excited to announce the release of

Hearts in the Vortex
A Sedona Arizona Paranormal Romance

The Most Unromantic Woman in the World Falls in Love – with Two Men – in One Body

No-nonsense attorney Rebecca Dumaurier battles for famous romance writers. But in the Sedona vortex romance spins out of control with a shy trance channeler and a pirate from another time.

This Sedona, Arizona Paranormal Romance is the lovingly revised edition of my first book
"Romancing Rebecca" with a lovely new Arizona cover by Connie Lee Marie.

Never visited Sedona? Don't miss this chance to see the sights!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to Relax with your Dog

As a yoga teacher who specializes in relaxation techniques I’ve taught Kapalabhati, Viloma, Ujjaiyi, and my favorite Alternate Nostril Breathing (which will help you survive many crises).

As a dog lover I know dogs are great relaxation aids and enrich body, mind, and spirit:

  • Walk a dog to get your body moving.
  • Sit and pet a dog to calm you.
  • Play with a dog to create joy.

Here are instructions for a Dog Petting Breathing Technique

  • ·       Find a quiet comfortable spot
  • ·       Place hand on dog’s head
  • ·       Inhale
  • ·       Begin to Exhale.
  • ·       Slowly move your hand down the dog’s neck and back while silently  counting to three
  • ·       When you reach the end of the dog begin the inhale
  • ·       Repeat

It may take a few breaths to settle the dog and to find your pace. Breathe in with the inhale and out with the exhale. Begin to lengthen both the exhale and the inhale to at least a count of three for each. Let your belly move with your breath. Close your eyes if you wish. Continue as long as necessary.

Your dog will enjoy these breathing practice timeouts as much as treats.


Adapting for the size of the dog - Breathing with a Chihuahua will differ from breathing with a Great Dane. For tiny dogs the movement has to be very, very slow. Or alternatively experiment with more than one petting movement on the exhale. Exceptionally large dogs may take more than one breath to complete the journey. 

No dog? Borrow one or use this practice with cats, horses, and other warm blooded pets (or a human friend.). 

Enjoy and Keep Petting!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Annual Valentine Post

Love, Serendipity, and Chocolate
by Amber Polo

Indulge me as a republish my annual Valentines Day post.           

Once upon a time in1994. I was the marketing manager for a Boston conference taping company and my boss’s Polish wife decided to throw a party. Registered for a weekend regional Mensa conference at a hotel west of Boston, I was more interested in getting away from my co-workers than socializing with them. But, when your boss has a party, you go, even if the weather is awful and you know traffic to the west suburbs will be hell.

            So I ate Jolanta’s thick potato soup and dark bread and waited for the earliest polite moment to leave. At last, blocking the door, she told me I must take sweet treats with me. I opened my briefcase and she dropped in a handful of candy. I smiled and ran down the steps to head into Friday rush hour traffic.

            At the hotel Regional Gathering on Friday evening I met old friends. On Saturday morning I had my first ever tarot card reading. Still trying to make sense of the intricate cards, I walked into the Clear Thinking Workshop. I was not particularly interested in thinking; Thinking meant questions and I wanted answers. What did the future hold for me, my career, my fortune, and, most of all, my love life? Was it too much to hope to meet the love of my life? And soon?

            Sitting next to me, with obviously a more serious interest in clear thinking, was Vince Polo, an attractive, age-appropriate man from Maryland with a big smile. Vince and I left the workshop and over the next six hours drank a lot of coffee, discussed our lives, and shared personal stories and feelings. Vince’s intelligence, sense of humor, good looks, honesty, and his intense interest in me were irresistible. He stayed for the evening banquet, returned for sessions on Sunday and decided to stay in Boston for another day so we could have dinner on Monday evening.

            Sunday night, as I was unpacking my weekend luggage, I up-ended my bag and out fell two “Prince Polo Krunche wafel z kremem Kakawym oblewane naturalna Czekolada” candy bars in gold foil wrappers.

Had I found my prince?

Here's a photo from our Arizona wedding!

            A Polish deli near Sedona’s Well Red Coyote bookstore stocks Prince Polo chocolate-covered wafer candy bars. And like all the Polish people I've questioned, the deli owners agree the candy bars have been around forever and the name has no significance.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Oz the Great Reviews Recovered!

Welcome, Oz the Great, and thank you for being my first canine reviewer. I hope you didn't consider the biscuits I sent to you a bribe. That was not my intent.

OZ: No, not at all.  Now, had you sent a pound of bacon, that would have been considered a bribe.

Amber: Oz, the Great and Powerful Blogger, tell me a little about yourself.

Oz: I am a Cairn Terrier like Toto from the movie The Wizard of Oz.  It was Ma's favorite movie as a child, and it remains her all-time favorite, hence my name.  I am 9 years young and true to my terrier nature, I love to chase everything.  I also love to go camping, hiking and canoeing and you can read about some of those adventures on my blog.

Oh...and I fancy myself a poet.  My friends like it when they inspire one of my limericks but I think my best poem to date is my "Ode on Bacon."  It is drool-worthy. - just in case you would like to read it)

Amber: I did read that poem and found it the best bacon epic poem ever. That's makes me even more thrilled that you enjoyed my book Recovered. I wonder did you identify with the dog-shifters? Who was your favorite character?

Oz: I can identify with the shifters when they are in their dog form, sure, but not when they are in their human form. I do love that the dog-shifters are the guardians of all books. If I was a character in your The Shapeshifters' Library series, I believe I would be the librarian in the poetry section.  I would love to be able to share some of my favorite poets, like Walt Whitman or Longfellow, with visitors to the library.

My favorite character was Harry.  As a terrier, I can be loyal and kind but like most terriers, I am very independent and have a killer nature.  It can be a struggle to be a "good dog" some of the time which is why I really identify with Harry.  He struggles to fight his werewolf nature and be a "good dog" too;  I was rooting for him through the whole book!

Amber: Have you ever met a dog-shifter?

Oz: No, I have not. I would love to though. Maybe I need to visit my local library. *wink, wink*

Amber: What would you do if you met a werewolf?

Oz: Well, I am afraid I would probably pick a fight.  I have a tendency to start arguments with big dogs because they usually just want to ignore me and I will not be ignored.  Though, if I met a werewolf and it went in for a kill, well let's just say that werewolf might be surprised at the size of the fight in this little terrier.

Amber: Well, Oz you are one brave terrier!
And I hope besides your great blog someday I'll have a chance to review a book of your poetry.

What Oz said about Recovered:

Recovered - The Shapeshifters' Library: Book 3 has a little bit of everything for the reader (and dog lover) - wonderful characters, animal rescue and conservation, lost ancient places and artifacts, a quest for knowledge and a love story.  Once I started reading, it was hard to put it down (except at mealtime, because you know I will not pass up food).  The story grabbed me from the first page and at the end, left me begging for more!

Check out Oz's blog:  
poet, humorist and traveler...
living the good life in South Florida.  
Finalist for Petties 2013 "Funniest Blog"
Oz's the Great's Poems and limericks
Helping dogs & cats find forever homes
Reviewer of doggy pet products & treats
Bacon aficionado

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Flash Fiction - How to Dig Up a Bestselller

  The Story Farm by Amber Polo

     The farm cottage wasn’t charming or particularly cute, just a step up from ordinary. She didn’t even know if anyone lived in it. The crone’s hand-drawn map indicated this house was the only building on the Story Farm. The old woman had promised her, that if she buried her writing here, the story’s memories would forever be cast off from her heart. And her life would at last move forward.

    Behind the cottage, mounds of fresh soft dirt dotted the field as if gophers mined for gold beneath her feet. Urged on by Desperation, she could not go back now. Choosing a serviceable spade from an assortment of shovels, she began to dig in an untouched spot. The soil was harder than she’d expected, but after a couple of tries, her shovel pierced the surface. When the hole was a foot deep, she lifted a thick sheaf of papers from her bag and smoothed them flat to the hole’s bottom. Refilling the hole, she patted down the dirt, let out a loud sigh of relief, and left the farm.

    An hour after the woman left, a man walked into the field. He moved with purpose, led by what he called Inspiration, took up his usual shovel, strode to the freshest mound of earth, and harvested the papers. Holding the sheets up, he shook off the dirt. Here on Story Farm there was only one rule. Once touched, the papers could not be put back, nor could the finder return for a year and a day. But the man had learned to trust in his first selection and today, as he scanned the smudged pages, he knew he’d chosen well. This woman’s story would become, like each of the others, a best-selling novel.
Short fiction isn't usually the form I'm drawn to, but this little tale wouldn't leave my mind.

My flash fiction story was printed first by Paula in Flurries of Words blog on December 6, 2013.  Flurries offers Book reviews, flash fictions, interviews and x of free and bargain ebooks.