Friday, May 1, 2020

I'm Moving

I'm moving from this blog to 

my NEW Wordpress Blog


I have a New Book!

The Pharaoh and the Librarian

 Please Come Along on the Journey

What if Cleopatra faked her death? 

While her sister sailed for Wales with the most valuable ancient books from her Library of Alexandria? And they both landed in an imagined new world filled with crypto-creatures and historical humans? 

Trekking the desert of 1st century New Mexico, Cleo from the Yucatan and Alex from Nova Scotia, they’d need bravery and help from friends and lovers to evade inner demons and determined villains across an uncharted wilderness.

Alternate history- Fantasy-Romance - Adventure!

I'll be leaving up the 250+ posts on Wordshaping. There are great book reviews, interviews, and lots of memories of people and books. There just won't be more.

Please follow me to my New Blog and click on:

to follow me there.

 Why? To receive fun posts about Alternate History and Crypto-creatures.

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