Monday, September 28, 2009

How to Host a Booksigning in an Airplane Hangar

         1. Send invitations to neighbors and friends
         2. Order great bookmarks
         3. Order fabulous cake with book cover on top
         4. Move airplane out of hangar
         5. Clean Hangar
         6. Borrow Tables and chairs
         7. Suggest that neighbors "might" be characters in the fictional book
         8. Find friend to handle the money
         9. Make a lot of coffee or delegate this job to a character in your book
        10. Welcome guests, circulate, drink coffee, and from time to time sign books
        11. Have people who have read the book walk around telling everyone how great it was
        12. Have a great time!
        13. Clean up and put the airplane back

      Other supplies: plates, forks, and napkins. Juice, apples,
      almonds for the healthier folk. Hot water and selection of
      teas. Sugar and cream. Price list showing sales tax and
      final book price. Cake server. Change.

      Best  Tip 1: As people paid for each book, assistant placed a
      heart-shaped sticky (Office Max) on each book with the name
      of purchaser or the name of person the dedication should be
      for. (This is a huge benefit and prevents confusion of what book
      belongs to whom and how to sign the book.)

      Best Tip 2: Keep prices simple. For Example:

      Flying Free $11.95 + $1.02 + $12.97 (which we will call $13.00)

      Romancing Rebecca $12.99 = $1.08 = $14.07 (which we will call $14.00)

      When you invite the Mayor and Town Council of your town
      whose only income comes from the sales tax, don't fudge.

      Amber's Contest
      Leave a comment to win a .pdf copy of Flying Free.
      Contest ends Midnight 
      Saturday, Oct. 3rd


      1. That sounds like a blast!! How I wish I could manage something like that! Way cool!!

      2. Very clever, Amber. My sister's celebration of life was held in her son's helicopter hanger--nice and roomy!

      3. Looks like a great time, Amber! And now I'm hungry for cake. *grin* Good thing my daughter's birthday is on Saturday.

      4. What a fantastic idea! I hope you had a great time AND sold tons of books. Thanks for sharing your idea.


      5. What a great blog, and funny, too. Hope it was a success.

      6. Just the title about hosting a booksigning in an airplane hanger caught my attention. lol

        I'm a airline retiree so I was eager to see how you were going to do that. Grin.

        It looked like lots of fun.

      7. Sandy
        Send me an email if you'd like to be interviewed on my new blog debuting tomorrow. Women in aviation who are authors or involved with books and writing. Heads in the Clouds -

      8. Amber, how creative! Here's to more booksignings and may the ink in your booksigning pen never run dry.

      9. What a great idea! Even if I don't have a hangar, I appreciate all the little extra bits - cake and all - that are quite doable!

      10. Amber - didn't know you were so organized! Wish we could have been there, but haven't figured out how to get Scotty to beam me down from the north rim of the BIG canyon.

        Sounded like fun. Be sure to save me a book.


      11. Amber looks like you are a creative genius! New idea and new venture is most welcome. It is a cool idea! I guess you must have sold lots of books.

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