Sunday, October 4, 2009

Clover Autrey Writing a Little Bit of Everything!

Welcome Clover Autrey, ParaNormal Romance reviewer, Fort Worth Examiner columnist, article ghostwriter, and adventurous fantasy (with lots of romance) author.  

I guessing other writers want to know how you got the gig with the Fort Worth Examiner.  
How did you approach the Examiner?

I was interviewed by another writer working for the Examiner for my own books, so I knew a little bit about it, and then when one of my RWA chapter mates mentioned they were looking for writers in our area I thought I’d like to do it. I had to write sample articles and that was that. I’m the Romance Novel Examiner over Fort Worth so I get to interview and get to know other romance writers. It’s great fun. I approach writing the column with what readers, instead of what other writers, would want to know. Basically, I let readers get to know an author and her books. The exposure hasn’t been bad either. My own website views increased dramatically.

Sounds great. Maybe I’ll see if my local paper needs an online column. Now, what about ghost writing for cash? That sounds even better.

I was very fortunate to get this job. I happened to know a friend who knew the company owner and knew I could write. I’m under contract to not disclose what articles I wrote, but I can say they are similar to what you’d see on Wikipedia—just short 250 word articles. I make $10 to $20 per, pumping out around 40 articles a month. Nothing to eat bon-bons over, but for a second job I can do around my kid’s schedule while in my PJs, it’s a win-win.

Aside from the heavy duty research for each article on the most random of things, I learn a great deal about making every sentence count and how to write in an active, not passive voice, which has carried over into my fiction writing

What the differences between writing fiction/fantasy and writing for a newspaper?
Tone and perspective. When I write a column or article, I write as myself and use both a conversational and confident tone. I’ll let you in on a little secret. In person, I’m quite shy and will generally hold back, but when I’m seeking someone to interview and during the interviews, the shyness has to float away.
With fiction all traces of Clover Autrey is shrugged off and everything is written from a character’s point of view. But that’s not a hard transition at all, since all writers do that whether they write in other formats or not.

Tell me about PNR (ParaNormal Romance Reviews). How is writing reviews different?
The best part about reviewing is free books and reading new authors. I try to be very honest and remember that even though I have a writer’s baby in my hands, I’m not writing reviews as a favor to them, but with the reader in mind, so I am very careful to first, not give away the ending or any surprises in the book and second, not praise a book that clearly doesn’t deserves it. That said, I also won’t trash a book. Criticism can be written in a kind, honest manner without tromping all over a writer, while at the same time letting readers know it isn’t exactly a top pick. There really is an art to writing reviews. Anyone can definitely tell by tone alone which books I absolutely gush over and which, reviews, though still good, aren’t gush-worthy.

Thanks, Clover, for visiting and sharing your secrets.

Upon Eagle’s Light is the first in Clover’s Eaglekin Series. Eaglekins are able to share a mind link with an eagle and are being hunted for their special abilities to be used as assassins.
Chase the Wind, the second book in the Eaglekins series, will be released May, 2010. It introduces the Wind Riders, an elite cavalry, whose young leader has to follow an Eaglekin he distrusts to save his brother.
She is also the author of The Sweetheart Tree, a Civil War time travel romance. 

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"Be prepared to be completely swept away"


  1. What a great at home job. You work when you best can.
    Reviews should I think either praise the author or offer constructive criticism, like you said in a kind way. And it can be done too.

  2. You're so right, Mary. There's no reason to trash any book or any body. Thanks for stopping in.

  3. Hi, Clover! Your life sounds too busy for what I can juggle. LOL. These eaglekins sound fascinating. And, as you know, I'm a fantasy author. I will have to check them out!!!

    Great interview, Amber.

  4. Ha, Skhye, I am waaaay too busy, sure enough.

  5. Hi, Clover. If you ever hear of another job opening like that, let me know. It sounds perfect for an author.

    I enjoyed the interview.

  6. CLOVER AND AMBER--A great interview, Amber. Clover, I didn't know you were so diverse and multi-talented. Good for you! I loved learning more about your life as a writer. Congratulations on your books, too!Celia

  7. Clover,
    Don't you love a job where you don't have to wear pantyhose! Great interview ladies;-)