Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why I Write Fantasy - Shona Husk

Welcome Shona Husk, creator of fantasy mermen!

Amber: tell me, Shona, why do you write fantasy?
Shona: The only thing better than reading fantasy is writing fantasy. I love to experiment with different types of heroes, elemental mermen, sexy genies and fire gods. I can push boundaries that don’t exist for humans, yet while my heroes, or heroines, might be creatures of myth living in world that never existed, at the heart of each character are very human desires—the need for love, respect and acceptance for who they are.

Amber: Why do you think readers love fantasy?
Shona: Reading fantasy is the ultimate escape. Every book offers a new world to explore, magic and monsters, or a world just hidden by the normal. Who hasn’t wondered if the man on the train isn’t really a vampire? Or what would happen if a spell from a new age shop actually worked?

Amber:Would you write fantasy even if no one read it?
Shona: Yes. I grew up reading fantasy and would make up stories for my own entertainment, writing them down was just the next progression. Building an idea into a story and adding layers and depth is very rewarding.

These days fantasy is quite a broad definition and I write across it. While all my stories are romances. I write fantasy as well as paranormal, and I dabble in futuristic. Some of my stories are hotter than others, but there is always a happily ever after. More information on all my stories can be found at my website.

Blessed with a lively imagination, Shona spent most of her childhood making up stories. As an adult she discovered romance novels and she hasn't looked back. 

Dark fairly tales and the paranormal have always fascinated her, and it's not uncommon to get to know spirits, vampires, were-creatures and demigods through her books. In her free time, Shona likes to keep fit and get creative in the kitchen...Toblerone brownies anyone?

Learn more about Shona and her mermen at her website 
and find her where she blogs at WINKgirls.

The Goblin King 
will be released by Dorchester 
in May 2011

How to Breathe Fire 
will be released by Samhain 
n January 2011

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  1. Your stories sound wonderful. Took a peek at your website and read a blurb about An Elemental Tail.

    Congratulations on your call from Dorchester. You must be doing a happy dance!!

  2. Gorgeous covers. Your work sounds intriguing. Good luck! -Laura

  3. Great interview! I'm with Shona--I love paranormals, and I also think fantasy gives us a chance to look at some basic human issues (love, acceptance) through a different lens. Your books sound awesome, Shona!

  4. Great post, Shona! I do really enjoy paranormals--books are for getting away, and how better than with some fantastical worlds :)

  5. I love paranormal and even fantasy books. They take us out of our humdrum lives and let us live a little in a different reality. Congratulations on doing something you love.

  6. Congratulations Suzanne!
    Your copy of 'An Elemental Tail' is on its way.

  7. The "realness" of any character, whether vampire, shape shifter - whatever, are the very real human traits: need for love, need for acceptance, etc.. Your books provide all that and more. Keep writing.