Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why I Write Fantasy - Dana Davis

Welcome Dana! 

I'm pleased to welcome back Dana Davis, bestselling author of fantasy and science fiction and paranormal investigator to Wordshaping. 

Amber: Tell me why do you write fantasy?
Dana: Thanks so much for having me back, Amber. It's great to be here again. Well, I write what I love to read, which is mainly for escapism. Fantasy worlds allow me to get all the crazy stuff out of my head and into a readable storyline. I was weaned on Mother Goose and Grimm’s fairytales. As a kid, I made up stories that barely resembled the real world and even got in trouble a few times for it. Coming from a family with NASA roots as well as paranormal stories, it just seemed inevitable that I would be attracted to the fantasy genre.

Amber: Thanks for sharing your video for Desert Magick: Day of the Dead. It's beautiful and scary and makes me want to read your new book.

Dana: I'm glad you enjoyed the video trailer, Amber. My latest book, Desert Magick: Day of the Dead is the third in the bestselling paranormal fantasy series, Desert Magick. Day of the Dead was just released in eBook format and is available for various reading devices. I have to admit, I really love the cover, too. The artist did a fantastic job with it. This series focuses on witches, magick, ghosts, mediums, telepaths, and the like. I’m a member of a local paranormal investigative team, so I tend to use those experiences in my work, and especially in Day of the Dead. Of course, I change and expand them to fit the plotline but many of the incidents get their start from my real life experiences.

Amber: What books do you read?

Dana: I like to read several books at once, depending on my mood, but I read mainly fantasy and sci-fi. I also read suspense and ghost stories, as well as all types of mythology. Right now, I’m reading the fourth book in the Legend of the Seeker series by Terry Goodkind, The Lost Symbol nookbook by Dan Brown, and the first nookbook in the Trylle series by Amanda Hocking. I have several others queued up on my nook reader, my phone, and on my paperback shelf.

Amber: What are you writing now?

Dana: I’m currently writing the fourth book in the Desert Magick series. I’m under contract for five books in this series. I’m also editing another fantasy novel and a sci-fi novel for future publication. 

Dana Davis is an award-winning and bestselling author of fantasy and science fiction and a paranormal investigator. She once worked for Hollywood and Disney. Genealogy fascinates her, and her ancestry includes Irish, Scottish, Dutch, British, and Mohawk Indian. Her great-great aunt is purported to have been a medium and a telekinetic. President Barack Obama is her seventh cousin once removed. And her grandfather was an engineer at NASA. She lives in the Arizona desert with her husband and uses her varied background, along with family stories, to aid in her writing.

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  1. Thanks to everyone who are stopping by today. And also for all the great comments about this interview on facebook. And special thanks to you, Amber, for having me back!

  2. OMG! Under contract for five books?! Can I ask where?
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