Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why I Write Fantasy - Cindy Lynn Speer

Welcome Cindy! 

I'm pleased to welcome Cindy Lynn Speer fantasy author and practitioner of historical swordsmanship. 

Amber: Tell me why do you write fantasy?

Cindy: I write fantasy because I love infinite possibilities.  I love the idea of anything (as long as one bases it in reality) being possible.  I’ve always been drawn to magic, to things that exist in myth…and even when I write mysteries I mix in magic and fantasy.

Amber: What books do you read?

Cindy: I am very big into Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series right now…and I can never talk about fantasy without mentioning Barbara Hambly.  Her books are what got me started reading fantasy…she has incredible characters that you really care about.

Amber: Why do you think readers love fantasy?
Cindy: I think readers love fantasy because they need an escape…that’s why I read it.  Sometimes one just has enough of the mundane world.  Sometimes you need to be taken away to someplace utterly different, and see things from new perspectives.  Fantasy allows you to see things through other people’s heads…a dragon has a different way of thinking than a human does, after all!  *grins*

Amber: Would you write fantasy, even if no one read it 

Cindy: Yes…the thing is, I’m telling myself stories all the time.  Which might be why my time management skills are off…but I do feel the need to write the best stories down, so I won’t forget.

Cindy Lynn Speer has always been a day dreamer.  The life inside her head is infinitely more exciting and less confusing than life outside of it.  When she’s not writing about it, or reading and feeding the world inside her head, she’s sewing and practicing historical swordsmanship.

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