Sunday, September 23, 2012

Taxi - Character Interview

Taxicharchai Angus Xenophon McCasson
(PhD candidate in Classical Languages, Head of Circulation, Shipsfeather Public Library)

I run the front desk at the Shipsfeather Public Library. I’m also in charge of the computers and take all the complaints. My job sounds boring but it’s the most important job in the library. I meet everyone in town (who reads) and keep all the books in order. I supervise the pages (Heidi, Emma, Bambi, Rebecca and Carrie) who are all named for books.

I finished my Masters in Classical Languages and needed a break from academic life. Working in this small town library is a hoot. I love the library patrons though they can be exasperating at time – like every day. Working for Library Cutter is great. She really cares about the patrons and the books. Sometimes I think she works too hard and doesn’t have a life outside this building. 

In my spare time I help at the local homeless shelter and belong to a motorcycle club. I love riding my bike with the wind whistling past my ears. I collect vintage bowling shirts and spend more time than I’d admit to  choosing the right shirt everyday. 

I confess I’ve never met anyone like Julianna Eisenberg von Noir, the Young Adult Librarian. She’s so beautiful and teens love her. Secretly, I think they are attracted to her looks. She reminds them of a vampire right out of the Twilight series. One of these days I’ll get her to laugh at one of shirts and then I’ll ask her out on a date. I’m making an impression. Yesterday she told me she thought I looked like Ron Weasley. I think that’s a compliment. 

Soon I’ll go back to grad school for my PhD or maybe get a Master’s in Library Science and run my own library -- or maybe both.  I guess it’s up to Amber.

Favorite Reading: Aristophanes in the Greek and Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles.

The Shapeshifters' Library Series


to learn more about Taxi's library, the dog-shifters, and the werewolf book-burners.

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