Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Wolves of Medicine Wheel Lodge

To visit and commune with wolves is a memorable experience! I’ve been fortunate to be able to visit an amazing place called Medicine Wheel Ranch.
I was able to go into a large habitat with Tundra wolves and receiving many sweet kisses and feel their powerful energy. The wolves stole my hat and they played with it like puppies until dog biscuits convinced them that they should return in unharmed.  

Healingwolf, the ranch’s owner, has a mystical calling to help us all understand these creatures. She was given her name by her father when she was found healing a wolf. Another wolf, knowing she was dying brought her young one for her. She has raised Gray wolves, Arctic wolves, Timber wolves, and now Tundra wolves. She has kept each one until they naturally crossed over to spirit.

Two grandfathers adopted her over 10 years ago, one 100 year old Oglala Sioux Shaman, and his 110 year old friend, a Shoshone Shaman. They have made her gifts, items that have been with their tribes for generations, and passed on the old wisdom that she shares with others. Healingwolf gives respect to the Ancient Ones, and honors all tribes, all traditions, and all relations.

Healing Wolf believes that the wolves are teachers and says the get particularly excited when children visit. “The children learn respect for all animals and creations, respect for themselves, one another, their siblings, their parents, their teachers, their classmates, Mother Earth and all elements. The wolves are leaders, teachers, and protectors.”

The Medicine Wheel Lodge invites you to go back in time listening to the stories passed down from the Shamans while reconnecting with the Earth Mother and experiencing Harmony and Balance amidst a private ancient oasis. The Peace you will experience is the presence of those who have gone before, and those who are still present. It is their connection and reverence to the land that gifts all who visit, such tranquility. If you are very perceptive, you may see them or watch them dance or feel their energy.

The site and building are also the site of a stagecoach stop when Arizona was young.

Learn more about Medicine Wheel Ranch

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