Saturday, October 27, 2012

Character Interview - Julianna Eisenberg von Noir

I’m Julianna Eisenberg von Noir, the Young Adult Librarian at the Shipsfeather Public Library. 

I love selecting books and planning programs for teens. Everyone thinks I’m successful bringing teens into the library because of my looks. I think that silly. The come for the programs and their love of books.

Everyone does want to know about my looks. I look a lot more like my father Ivan van Noir than my Swedish mother Hildegarde Eisenberg. Mom was an Eastern European bibliographer in Paris and Dad was doing genealogical research into his Transylvanian family tree. Their marriage didn’t last long and Mom brought me to the US and got a job with the Pittsburgh Historical Society.
Until I started college I spent summers in Europe with Dad. He was a good father, but a little old-fashioned. When I was young a nanny took me places during the day and Dad showed me the sights of the Old World at night. When I was older I explored the great cities of the Continent by myself.
I think I want to help teenagers have fun in groups because I spent so much time with adults or alone.

My kids love the popcorn machine, pizza and movie nights, gaming days, and all the bookclubs. Yes, the Vampires & Werewolves Bookclub is popular. I’m not team Edward or Jacob. I don’t really care for either. After the curse is broken, a few of the werewolf kids sneak in the library. I promise not to tell their book-burning parents. What happens in the library stays in the library.

I’m certainly not immortal and love the sunshine, though I don’t tan.  I faint at the sight of blood. The Goth girls say I’m cool because I wear a lot of black, but it’s just a color than flatters my complexion.

Besides the great staff here at SPL and the good kids in town, the best thing about this job is the dental insurance. After the dentist replaced my canines with normal implants. I felt like a new woman. I even was able to smile at red-haired Taxi McCasson. The head of circulation is sooo cute and so smart. He’s a classical languages scholar. In Book One I’m too self-conscious to talk to him, but in Book Two we begin a friendship. Beyond that, you’ll have to ask Amber. She seems to like us both, so we’re hoping we’ll have more time together in Book 3.

Oh, and I’m an ebook fanatic. Always reading on one of my devices. I want to start a blog and review books for teens.

Favorite books: I love most kinds of fantasy (except vampire and werewolf genres). Fantasy is so important for everyone. Teens (and adults) are able to safely explore feelings that might be too intense for the real world. I especially like time travel and fantasy with historical settings. The Outlander series is one of my favs. (Maybe that’s why I love the library celebrations when Taxi wears his kilt. As I said, he is so cute.)

The Shapeshifters' Library Series


to learn more about Julianna's library, the dog-shifters, and the werewolf book-burners.

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