Saturday, November 3, 2012

Have You Voted? Dogs or Cats?

Is America A Cat Nation or a Dog Nation?

Get Pawlitical! 

America’s Pet Debate will be settled 
on November 9, 2012
when the votes are tallied and the winner 
cat or dog – is announced.

For every vote in America’s Pet Debate
Purina will donate $1 to
up to $100,000!

Meet the Candidates 

Team Cat Why are cats better than dogs?

  • America owns approximately 86,400,000 cats
    (more are female than male)
  • 33% of Americans are cat owners, and 52%
    own more than one cat
Team Dog Why are dogs better than cats?

  • America owns 78,200,000 dogs, which are
    equally male and female
  • 39% of Americans own dogs, and while
    60% own just one dog, 28% own two dogs and 12% own a pack of three or more

And leave a comment and tell why you voted for Team Cat or Team Dog! 

Personal Opinion:
In The Shapeshifters' Library series I come out strongly for dogs (and dog-shifters) because dogs are noble with solid values. In pointing out the good qualities of dogs, as opposed to wolves and cats, occasionally I may write things that seem to demean the cat-loving public. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad about cats -But dogs are just better.

I can't figure out why cats are winning!
Only 1 state has more dog votes.
Come on dog-lovers, get out the vote!

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