Sunday, October 7, 2012

Character Interview - Rhoda Sue

Mayor Rhoda Sue Rufus
Mayor of Shipsfeather Ohio (Red Wolf)
Shipsfeather Wolf Pack Member

I’ve been mayor of Shipsfeather for years. It’s a nice job. I get a lot of lunch invitations. I especially like ribbon cuttings and getting my picture in the newspaper. Being important in the town works for me. I never worry about parking tickets and get free coffee at all the local restaurants

Being mayor makes up for my low status in the Shipsfeather Werewolf Pack. I’m treated like scat by the other members, especially Sybilla Dinzelbacher. She is one stuck-up bitch. My southern mama wouldn’t believe the insults I put up with here. If Sybilla doesn’t stop I have a good mind to put my profile up on I bet I could find a lonely Alpha in some small town in the hills who’d love a gorgeous redhead with my administrative experience. Alpha Female of my own pack would trump this gig.

What stops me? I could say I’m loyal to old Elsie, but that’s not it. She barely tolerates me. If she had the strength she’d roll me in mud and push me out of the pack. But who’d she find to take my place? 

Besides, I have a crush on Dr. Kyle Jackman. That brown wolf is such is one hot property and a doctor is a big catch in any pack. If he’d admit we were meant for each other, my status would sky rocket. 

But here’s the rub, I don’t think Amber likes me. She’s always letting Sybilla make fun of my hair. And there’s a rumor she’s looking to find someone to run against me for mayor. And WIN!

What’s a girl to do? I think I’ll go for a run in the woods. There’s nothing better for my morale than a raw rabbit or two followed by a slice of pecan pie. And in the morning I’ll go to my beauty salon and decide on a new shade of red for my hair. Merlot or Vixon Blush? What do you think?

Favorite Reading: As little as possible. Us politicians don’t have time to read.

Thanks Amber of correcting my spelling.

The Shapeshifters' Library Series


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