Thursday, April 11, 2013

Doggy Fashion Show

Doggy Fashion Show on April 6th
with pet parents glitzed in finery from Sugar's on Main.

Rescue Therapy Dog has logged 1.800 miles on a motorcycle.


Nadia Caillou, Golden Bone co-owner with her rescue Bichon,
Nadia has over 30 years experience helping distressed animals and pet owners, shelters and pounds overcome problem behavior in animals. 

The lovey Emma was accompanied by
Ronni Ann Hall, aka the Designing Fairy, 
dog, bird, and tortoise mom, 
intuitive empath and storyteller/artist. 

 The show ended with cake and a visit from Claymore, 
the town's new
police officer in training.


  1. Baby Evy was sorry she couldnt attend and participate. She was being grounded for eating TWO books!

    hugs, Kari Thomas,

    1. Kari, you should know, only werewolves eat books.