Monday, November 14, 2016

Greyhound Update for Arizona - Greyhounds of the Verde Valley Picnic

Greyhounds Updated

Greyhounds of the Verde Valley’s annual picnic brought 40 dogs to Cornville, Arizona for food, fun races, and hot dog bobbing.

Rory Goree, Chairman of the Arizona Racing Commission and dedicated greyhound welfare advocate, was GVV’s featured speaker. Before becoming a commissioner Goree spent
17 years with Greyhound Pets of America, ten of them as President, during which time the organization placed thousands of retired greyhounds in adoptive homes. Goree personally has seven greyhounds. 
Rory Goree,
Chairman of the Arizona Racing Commission
In June 2016, Tucson Greyhound Park, the last Arizona dog track, ended live racing. The ruling was expected and many dogs had previously been moved to tracks in other states and Caliente, Mexico. Of the remaining 300 dogs, many were spoken for to be adopted. The closing was the easiest track closing of the four in Arizona since 1993. Also there are now no National Greyhound Association breeders in Arizona.

Asked why the track shut down, Goree names the anti-gambling lobby. Asked if racing might return, he stressed racing is not against the law in Arizona, just gambling on races.
There are still greyhounds needing adoption. Dogs come in from Florida, Kansas, and other states. Greyhounds of the Verde Valley helps dog lovers find a greyhound pet and continues to rehome dogs (when necessary) and supports all previous adopters and fosters.

Interested in fostering or adopting a Greyhound?
Greyhounds of the Verde Valley: (928) 634-7250

Greyhound Pets of Arizona: General Information: (877) 454-3647 ; Verde Valley adoption contact: Debbie Hunseder: (928) 300-6807

 If you're not in Arizona, contact your local or regional greyhound adoption group.

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