Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why I Write Fantasy -Caroline Clemmons

Welcome Caroline Clemmons, Texas time travel author!

Amber: First, tell me why you write fantasy? 

Caroline: I love the challenge of introducing a time traveler to a new time. I bring my characters forward. They have to be introduced to changes. A person traveling back in time would have some historical knowledge of the past, but for my character (always the heroine) it's all new and a challenge to navigate through her new location. (I have to say I also write traditional contemporary and historical romance.) In addition to traveling from 1845 Ireland to 2010 Texas, the heroine in OUT OF THE BLUE is also clairvoyant.

Amber: What are your favorite fantasy novels?

Caroline: In spite of my own preference to bring my heroines forward, I loved the writing of Kathleen Kane (Maureen Childs). He books were my introduction to time travel and I’ve read each of her novels. I wish I'd kept them because I'd love to reread them. Then I read Theresa Medieros. I don't remember the first book of hers I read, but it was contemporary in which a lovely and lively witch dropped into a fountain in front of the hero's business building.  Such a precious book! Then I read Diana Gabaldon after I met her at a conference. Honestly, Diana must have a Mensa+ I.Q.

Amber: Why do you think readers love fantasy?

Caroline: We want to be transported, to have our imagination stimulated until we believe every word we read. Remember when you were a child and played "Let's pretend" this or that? We're just big kids who still want to pretend.

Amber: Would you write fantasy even if no one read it? 

Caroline: Of course! I would continue to write if I were the only one who saw the result. Oh, but it's so much nicer to have readers and good reviews, isn't it?  Although I also write contemporary and historical romances, my current WIP is the first of a time travel trilogy. (Say that quickly three times.)There's a great deal of pleasure dumping a heroine in a new time and letting her fight to adjust as she discovers a new life--and teaches the hero a few things.

Amber: Tell me more about yourself.
Caroline: As long as I can remember, I've made up adventures. Okay, I admit the early creative stories featured me riding the range with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and saving the West. What a disappointment to learn that Roy was exclusively committed to Dale! Eventually, my best friend from across the street and I decided to become better detectives than Nancy Drew. We drove our parents and neighbors crazy sticking our pert little noses where they didn't belong. About that time I started writing down my adventures, but mostly I was a reader. Not until I read Nora Roberts' early novels did I decide to create my own romance manuscripts. My road to publishing was a lot slower than Nora's was. No surprise there! I still read Nora's books—as well as those of countless other authors—but now I write full time. Unless life interferes, that is. 

My Hero and I live one a small acreage in the ranching and horse country of North Central Texas. Our two daughters are grown, and supportive of my writing. Living with Hero and me now are Webster, our sweet black Shih Tzu, and our two shorthaired cats: Sebastian, a large black and white tuxedo who thinks he's our watchcat; and Bailey Erin, a shy apricot tabby. When I'm not writing, I love spending time with family, reading, traveling with Hero, browsing antique malls, and digging into family history and genealogy. Writing about strong heroes and heroines who overcome amazing obstacles to forge a meaningful life together is my passion. 

My earlier books from Kensington included one contemporary, two historicals, and one anthology--all of which I hope soon to have available as e-downloads. The Wild Rose Press has published one fantasy titled OUT OF THE BLUE, one historical titled THE TEXAN'S IRISH BRIDE, and the Civil War anthology NORTHERN ROSES AND SOUTHERN BELLES. Coming out in 2011 will be something new for me, a sweet contemporary, HOME SWEET TEXAS HOME. I'll also have released soon a sensual western historical novella, SAVE YOUR HEART FOR ME. I'm an eclectic reader, so I'm an eclectic writer.

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  1. Amber, thank you so much for inviting me to guest on you blog today. I do hope some readers stopped by even though they didn't post.

  2. For this reader who saw early versions, the book is a romance mainly with a fantasy element. Not just strictly a fantasy novel.

    But, I am a male and my wife would say "romance challenged" so what do I know?


  3. I don't usually read fantasy, but you've tempted me to give it a try. I usually stick with my historicals...

    I do love the timetravels because it is fun to see the differences in history. Good luck with lots more sales!!!!!

  4. I always enjoy learning more about authors and why they write the things they do. I can't imagine how confusing it would be to be dumped in the future and have to figure out how to manage. I agree that going back would at least afford the advantage of having some idea of how things were done. With my luck, I would get burned as a witch, though.

  5. Time travel romance has always been my favorite, no matter what the time period. Out of the Blue was a fabulous read!

  6. I love time travels whether fantasy or otherwise. I loved Out of the Blue and can't wait to read The Texan's Irish Bride!

    Great interview Amber and Carolyn!