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Why I Write Fantasy - Cynthia Gael

Welcome Cynthia Gael, who shares her secret that she actually two fantasy writers, K.G. McAbee and Cynthia D. Witherspoon!

Amber: Why do you write fantasy?

CG: We write fantasy because of the infinite possibilities the fantasy genre offers for a writer. After all, where else can you write stories about witches and curses, magic, and Witchfinder Generals? And while we both write traditional fantasy, we don’t restrict ourselves to it alone. We do urban fantasy, paranormal fantasy, steampunk—the list goes on. 
Amber: How do you write fantasy as a duo?
CG (KG): It’s scary easy! We tend to think alike, to the point we often finish each other’s sentences or come up with ideas, locations, even names the other one was just thinking of or getting ready to suggest. We’re also open to negotiation. If one of us wants to go in a certain direction, the other is willing to give it a shot. But both of us have to agree on important things, like which Mexican restaurant is best for lunch. All in all—and this is K.G. speaking here—I cannot imagine a better collaborator than C.D.
CD here! I couldn’t agree more with K.G. Before we began to write together, I was so sure that my craft was a solitary position. However, K.G. makes it so easy! Not only can she seem to read my mind, but its such fun to get her chapters to see what new aspects she has placed in a story. If you can find a great friend, whose also a legendary writer, and they want to work with you? Jump on the chance. You’ll be sorry if you don’t!

Amber: What are your favorite fantasy novels?

CG: Lord of the Rings; Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber; The Dresden Files; The Dragon and the George: Harry Potter; and Skulduggery Pleasant, and The Hunger Games,  and and and….

Amber: Why do you think readers love fantasy?

CG: Readers love fantasy because it allows them the chance to escape the mundane world and become something more than what they are. A good fantasy writer will pull you into their world. But a great one will have you packing your luggage and moving in to stay.

Amber: Would you write fantasy even if no one read it?

CG: Absolutely. Sometimes, something gets lost when you say you’re a writer. Most think it’s for money (its not) or fame (nope, it’s really not for that either). We write because it’s our passion. It’s in our blood. And our characters won’t shut up until we get their ideas down on the page.

Cynthia Gael lives in South Carolina in a small log cabin built in 1817. She writes in a loft described to her, years before she saw it, by a psychic, thus influencing her already vast interest in psychic phenomena. Her other interests include: all forms of paranormal phenomena, history, literature, the literature of history, the history of literature, and dogs. She is a firm believer in magic in all its forms, thus she believes she’s lived many times before. Cynthia often draws inspiration from these past lives, where she existed in ancient Egypt, medieval France and Victorian England, among other places and times.

Cynthia Gael has one ultimate secret; she is actually two writers, K.G. McAbee and Cynthia D. Witherspoon—how’s that for a split personality? While they both share the writing of the Cynthia Gael books, they also write their own novels and stories, and a passion for submitting to anthologies. 

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