Saturday, October 13, 2012

Character Interviews - Griswald

Griswald von Gruenwold PhD
Director of the Shipsfeather Academy Library 
(German Shepherd)

I am the Library Director of the Shipsfeather Academy. My research is crucial to the survival of the library. Chronus, the Headmaster, is forever undermining my decisions and acts as if he is Library Director as well as Headmaster. 

Being cursed has ruined my diet. I’m used to visiting the most exclusive gourmet establishments in the world. Here, I’m limited to the cafeteria or as I call it the “mess” hall. So limited and the cooks ignore my special requests. Now that we can order from the internet I’ve been able to order some of my old favorites delivers. A bottle of cognac and real Swiss chocolate gives me a boost from time to time. But I work for the day I’m free again.

If anything is speeding that day it’s my research. I doubt any of my so-called colleagues had the intellectual brain power to handle or even understand my research. In addition to my work to solve our present problems I have a vast number of articles I’m preparing for publication in the most rigorous shifter journals. When we get out of here, I’ll be in demand in the best universities.

I will admit that Godiva Anglesey is a competent aide. Her enthusiasm to obtain inter-library loans for me is helpful. Sometimes I think the little brown mouse is interested in me as more than a library director. I suppose I must seem like an unattainable romantic hero to someone as plain as she. Yet she is useful and I need to remind myself to be civil to her. Strangly, Amber has chosen Godiva, the Chocolate Labrador as the heroine of Book 2 "Retrieved."

Favorite Reading: I have no time for frivolous recreational reading. Occasionally I dip into a recent history of philosophy or philology.

Amber's Note: Images were chosen by Griswald (as he wished he looked).

The Shapeshifters' Library Series


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  1. Interesting character. Zeus Robinson is more like Jim Carrey. But maybe that's the Siberian in him!